Cartoon Sunday

The little corner of the room that makes a perfect spot to administer any due chastisement. The perfect height top for bending over, the three hooks for the current favourite implements, the note pad to record the misdeeds (also the punishments given). And finally the pot plant to make it homely.


I would give anything to know how

Or where this started.

It seems a sequence of events

Lead to the start of wonderland.

We shared the beauty of the moment,

The last remnants of the fading daylight.

Invisible ribbons that pulled us along a path;

To somewhere, anywhere,

Believing this would last forever.

I hadn’t felt this strange in years,

Joy ebbed from every vain.

My skin tingles with the ache of passion.

The lessons, the chance to fall to my knees

And taste the place with such ease.

Oh my beautiful girl,

I died a thousand times each night,

Yet I breathed again,

Your lips like coils around mine.

We swam to the ceilings of ecstasy,

Drowning in the lust each evening.

Also twice on Valentine after church.

Blind faith once left me feeling in a dark place,

A place I have known too well.

A shattered empty vessel that had been left,

In the place where once my joy lived.

Every time I heard your voice

Or saw your smiling face,

The lump in my throat told me the truth.

Before the walls closed in,

I came to a conclusion.

Who the fuck do you think you are?

Stealing this lost soul that is me;

Me that I gave to you

For keeping warm and safe.

Also my hair, yes my hair,

That you had fun and games with,

Dressing me up like strangers

You whispered,

‘You’re the only one’,

Into these faraway grey eyes

That smile only to you.

No longer do I wait in vain,

I reach to you with a kiss

And the loneliness is gone in this wonderland.


Of course I’m fucking jealous!
6.00am Wednesday; Emotion.
Perhaps not good before breakfast.

A dream curtailed,
No shadows or reflections here.
Winter sunshine through chintz curtains,
And the writings on the wall.

One plus one plus one,
Everyone has a theory for it,
My answer is two plus one,
Not playing kissy in the rear view.

The mysterious girl,
With mysterious mesmerising words,
Naughty and filthy and passionate,
Came into my roller coaster car crash world
Late one Saturday night,
Stayed through traumatic hopes and dreams.

Thank you for the kisses,
Thank you for the fun,
And warm feeling in both cheeks,
Courtesy of the scullery maid.

Thank you for the encouragement,
I will always be grateful,
But no more trysts over afternoon tea,
It's time to drink alone.

May your 'Inbox' now be filled with words,
Like 'Lover' and 'Just'.
May your sheets be always dirty,
With labour of your lust.

Hope your dreams last forever,
Mine most certainly will,
But no more naughty chats,
It's time to talk to wallflowers.

Ciao. Thanks for being you.

4. The Devil Makes Work For Idle Hands

“So where do we go from here?”

It had all started yesterday. I wrote a quick note early and slipped it to Pauline, who looked at me and just nodded.  I had been getting nervous about what we had been doing for the last six weeks. The furtive little trips to somewhere private, in most cases it was the basement archive rooms. Here I would get my bottom smacked for a variety of reasons mostly though it was for being cheeky. Yes, sweet little me never learnt her lesson, so each time Pauline would summon me and off I would trot to wherever, with a tingle of anticipation.

If it was the basement, it was in the far corner out of earshot. You had to go through three doors to get there. It would be impossible for anyone to sneak up unannounced. There were few words spoken, just down with my leggings and whack, whack, whack. Then it was back to work with a warm glow all over.

We had been down three times already this week. Monday for being late, Tuesday for spilling the tea on her desk and Thursday for being cheeky. I had Wednesday off for good behaviour it seemed. Well, Thursday night I got to thinking, far too profoundly probably, but I decided we needed to talk about what was happening. We had never said anything about why what or if ever. 

So Saturday afternoon we are at her house. Her husband and son have gone to football, and I sit on her cream sofa.

“Dunno,” I replied with a shrug.

“Are you saying you want to stop? I wouldn’t be offended if you did.”

“No, I suppose I don’t really. It’s just that I’m scared we’re going to get caught.”

“I do understand your concerns. I have had the same ones. Also, like you, I do not have an answer.”

I sat holding the half-empty mug of tea looking directly at her. It suddenly felt like the decision heaped on my shoulders. I’m sure that wasn’t her intention, just me and my mind as usual. I didn’t know what to say, little me stumped for words. It would make Pauline smile anyway.

“Sorry I seem to have made more questions than answers.”

She smiled and shook her head. “Yes, you started all this. If you hadn’t put yourself over my knee, we wouldn’t be here now discussing this strange situation.”

“My fault, I think not.” I retorted straight back.

“So if it wasn’t you that went over my knee then I’m guessing it was that magical fairy we have in the office. You know the same one that hides my sandwich box and other such items.”

“Correct. See I told there was one,” I said, trying not to smirk.

She sat, shaking her head slowly. I always had an answer for her.

“So if it wasn’t you and we take the magical fairy out of the equation, who was it?”

I pondered a reply for a moment.

“I have consulted with my learned friend, and I can say that it was me who went across your lap. However, I accept no blame for the situation we are in. It was not me who spanked my bum that first time. It was someone else. Oh and yes your honour I do see them in the room.”

Yet again, Pauline shook her head at me. This time though I saw a small upturned smile in the corner of her lips.

“It takes two to tango.”

“Does it. I would never have guessed. Mind I can’t dance.”

What was supposed to be a serious conversation had gone awry as usual.

As I attempted to put the mug on the table beside me, I missed the coaster slightly, and it split on the top. It wasn’t much but miss fussy britches thought it was a big deal. Pauline shot off to fetch some kitchen roll and a cloth. I apologised of course, but what I wanted to say was ‘my god why don’t you send for the emergency services as we have a flood disaster on our hands’.

You might guess what happened next. Yes, up I get, turn around and down with my jeans. Liz gets yet another warm bottom. My fourth of the week, though my first ever at the weekend. Also my first wearing jeans, I realise as I’m pulling them up over my hips. The firsts not finished yet. I got sent to stand facing the wall, in the corner, by the door. “To contemplate my actions,” she said. That took all of ten seconds. ‘I missed the coaster, whoops silly me, it will not happen again. Ok.’

Ten seconds, I got ten minutes of thinking time. That’s a long time to be facing a chintz wallpaper with a flowery pattern of light green and pink whatever, which repeats itself every third one.

Cartoon Sunday

The comforting hand on the shoulder as the talking ended. The moment was almost upon Julia. The moment when for the first time she would go across Miss Brown’s lap. Still time to back out, get dressed and apologise for wasting her neighbour’s time. Torn between two thoughts….

3. The Angel and the Devil

The third in the Devil series. This time from another perspective

I was shaking by the time I got home.

My husband was home when I pulled onto the drive. Yes, the Managing Director of the company I worked at. The one where I had just stripped down a girl to her knickers and smacked her bottom until it was pink.

I sat in the car a few minutes to get my composure back before entering the house. In truth, I knew it would take a lot longer than that.

It was with shock at what I had just done. How crazy was I to spank Liz once let alone twice? Then what was madder still was making her take her leggings down. Where that had come from I had no idea.

I mean Thursday had been a lark. Her unexpectedly putting herself over my knee. I gave her a few light smacks in the spirit of the game, and it should have ended there. I never gave it another thought all Thursday.

Today started out typically. Well, as normal as our office gets on a Friday. Too many distractions usually, what with bacon sandwiches in the morning, Liz harping on about her lunch and the general early finish feeling.

I was in shock when I felt the hard whack on my bottom. I jumped up to see Liz making a quick exit out the door. I stood a moment and rubbed the right cheek right where she had caught me. It stung a little.

Back in the office ten minutes later, I could see Liz and Rebecca smirking. Well, I’m not going to play your silly game I decided. Instead, I offered to make a drink and be nice.

Why I had not continued with the, ‘I’m not going to play this game anymore attitude’ I don’t know. For a while, I did until I saw the Chairman telling reception that he would not be back today. I wanted to get my revenge now. I began to weave a plot to get Liz back for earlier.

It all fell into place so easily. I rang from the Chairman’s office, hoping she believed me. She did, and a few minutes later I heard a knock on the door. I smiled before putting on a stern look as I opened the door. As usual, she called me a name for playing a joke, but she was smiling at the same time. I gave her news that she was to come back at three-thirty for another discussion, then I left.

Making myself scarce for the next thirty minutes was harder than I thought. It seems every quiet place I went someone stopped and wanted to chat about my weekend. All I could think about was Liz and what I was going to do to her. It was one thing to play a game like yesterday, but it was another altogether to actually chastise someone.

I had no experience of spanking, either giving or receiving. I knew what it was, but until these last two days, I had no feelings about it. Now all I could think about was spanking Liz. Why was it going through my mind all day?

Right until she walked in the Chairman’s office, I still wasn’t sure she would come. What happened next came from nowhere. My original intention was to put her over my knee and give a few smacks like yesterday. I realised the problem just before she arrived. There was no suitable chair for me to sit on and do it that way. I panicked. I had no alternative plan and no time to think it through.

It came to me just as she stood by the desk. Only it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, it just popped out. I saw her tight black leggings, and the next minute I was telling her to get them down and bend over the glass desk.

She was shocked. I could tell. Indeed I was shocked at myself for saying it. I was even more so when a moment later she did exactly what I told her to do. For the first time ever she did something I told her to do without a question or a smart arse answer.

There she was bent across the desk. I could see her looking at me. I wondered what she thought as I raised my hand, ready to spank her. Part of me still expected her to stand up and laugh at me. No, she just lay there with her bottom in the air waiting, those pink and white panties stretched across it.

The first few I gave on her right cheek without realising I had done it. I regained my senses and addressed it with a few to her left. How many should I give her entered my thoughts. I decided on twenty, but if I was honest, I wasn’t sure what the total was in the end.

When it was all over, I wished her good weekend and left in a hurry. I suddenly panicked that someone would hear us, so I made my escape, quickly got my things and left the building. God knows where Liz was or how she felt.